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12 themes for 2018

12 themes for 2018

I'm seeking your suggestions for the selection of 12 themes for 2018. This will be useful for tagging but also potentially for thematic podcasts, short docs, etc.  Even if you weren't in DC  (or anywhere!) in 1968, you can share what themes you are curious about.

Here's my list so far:

  1. activism (abortion/reproductive rights, anti-war, civil/human rights, welfare, housing)
  2. architecture
  3. home rule/statehood
  4. institution-building 
  5. media (newspapers, radio, tv, books)
  6. nature
  7. performing arts (music, dance, theater, poetry)
  8. public space (parades, markets)
  9. schools 
  10. sports
  11. technology
  12. visual art (crafts, silkscreening, painting, drawing, sculpture) 

Other possibilities:

  1. business (entrepreneurship)
  2. faith (and lack thereof)
  3. fashion
  4. food
  5. neighborhoods/wards

Which ones do you like?  are there others you would suggest?

Source:  #12 bingo 

dc ♥ stokely carmichael

dc ♥ stokely carmichael

does dc have an official card game?

does dc have an official card game?