curated project commemorating the 50th anniversary of 1968 in dc

dedicated to bobby r. hale
black dollar magazine

black dollar magazine

Black Dollar Magazine was founded in 1968 by Ed Murphy and perhaps others.  Mr. Murphy is most known for his supper club and the Harambee House hotel.

The image above is a photocopy of volume 2, number 6 of the magazine.  On the only other page I have is a list of the staff.

Ed Murphy, Publisher
Lew Fenderson, Associate Publisher
Tony Cox, Senior Editorr
Ernie Long, Art Director
Eddie A. Hadden, Technical Advisor
Brendolyn Harris, Office and Distributions Manager

I know that Eddie Murphy is no longer with us. Do you know any of the others? Do you have copies of the magazine?

Please comment below or here.

photo source: possession of Marya McQuirter.  acquired from Jan Bailey.                 


dc1968 featured in beacon newspaper

dc1968 featured in beacon newspaper

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