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25 october 1968 & #throwbackthursday reflect magazine

25 october 1968 & #throwbackthursday reflect magazine

“It is designed for the brother who never finished high school and the brother with a PhD from Yale”
Reflect magazine founders

#OTD-ish 25 October 1968 #throwbackthursday Reflect magazine was first published circa August 1971 by Reflections Unlimited Inc. (1734 Lamont St NW), an artist collective and multimedia service firm founded circa 1970. “The 10-artist firm specializes in photography, public relations, modeling, cinema, publishing, graphics and design and media consultation.”

The desire to create a magazine dates back to at least 1969 with former Howard University students, Bruce Fagin, Reginald McGee and John “Smitty” Smith. They purchased a three-story home at 1732 Lamont St NW, renovated it and equipped it with art work throughout. On the third floor were bedrooms and studio space.

On 19 August 1971, The above collective members (and possibly Pete Greene and Rachele Hudson) welcomed guests through the silver door to their home and studio. Guests were able to view the sample of the first issue, which cost 75 cents and had no advertising. They were adamant that the truth could only be told without advertising. On the board of advisors were Donald Byrd, Sam Gilliam and Ed Love. Lee Thorpe was the executive editor.

There were at least 4 monthly issues published with print runs of 5,000. The yearly subscription was $8.

Your comments are welcome below. Did you, a family member or neighbor attend the party for the inaugural issue of Reflect? Were you part of Reflections Limited Inc.? Did you live at or near 1732 Lamont St NW in 1968 or 1971? Do you have copies of Reflect magazine? Did you work with Reflections Ltd? Do you remember John Smith, Rachel Hudson, Reginald McGee and Bruce Fagin? Were you classmates with them at Howard? Do you have photos of them at Howard? You may comment privately here.

Photo source: Courtesy DC Public Library Special Collections, Evening Star Photo Collection, Walter Oates, photographer. 19 August 1971. From left to right, Rachele Hudson, Pete Greene and John Smith. Is that Petey Greene?!?

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26 october 1968 #flashbackfriday & black sports magazine inaugural issue

26 october 1968 #flashbackfriday & black sports magazine inaugural issue

24 october 1968 & john carlos speaks at howard university, given malcolm x medallion

24 october 1968 & john carlos speaks at howard university, given malcolm x medallion