curated project commemorating the 50th anniversary of 1968 in dc

dedicated to bobby r. hale
16 feb 1968 & parading the colors

16 feb 1968 & parading the colors

OTD-ish Friday 16 February 1968 Janney ES students above prepare for Parading the Colors at the start of a Negro History Week program. Students walked down the hallway on the first floor of the school to the auditorium.

Once in the auditorium, the flag-carrying students marched on stage and presented the flags. The rest of the program included:

1.  inspirational reading
2. singing three spirituals: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; This Train; and Golden Harp
3. singing Battle Hymn of the Republic
4. tributes to patriot Crispus Attacks; scholar Booker T Washington; athlete Joe Louis; and musician W.C. Handy
5. singing We Shall Overcome
6. sining This Is My Country
7. Retiring the Flags

janney es 1968.jpg

Janney ES, 42nd & Albemarle Sts. NW, 1968. 

Please comment below. Were you a student at Janney in 1968? Do you remember parading the flags? Do you remember the Negro History Week programs? What other forms of patriotism were instituted at Janney? You may comment privately here.

Photo source: Janney Elementary School 1967-1968 PTA Scrapbooks. Big thank you to Lena Frumin for sharing these images.

17 feb 1968 & voter registration drive

17 feb 1968 & voter registration drive

15 feb 1968 & ACT #throwback thursday

15 feb 1968 & ACT #throwback thursday