curated project commemorating the 50th anniversary of 1968 in dc

dedicated to bobby r. hale
source: appointed city council records

source: appointed city council records

The City Council, in collaboration with the National Archives, has digitized and made available the regulations and resolutions passed between 1967 and 1974. Click link to see the digitized material on the Council's website.

The first appointed council began in 1967, replacing a presidentially-appointed  commissioner system and moving the city closer to home rule.  President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the nine council members.  

The appointed council members are pictured above. Standing from left to right: Stanley J. Anderson, John A. Nevius, Philip J. Daugherty, William S. Thompson and Joseph P. Yeldell. Seated from left to right: Margaret A. Haywood, John W. Hechinger (Chair), Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy (Vice-Chair) and Polly Shackleton.

Some of the issues discussed and resolved include:

comprehensive plan
"urban renewal"
vaccination of dogs
higher wages for school cafeteria workers
acquisition of land for Shaw JHS site
joining United Nation's call for 1968 as Human Rights Year
pawnbroking business
Board of Education compensation rates
solid waste disposal

Photo source: Star Photo Archives, DCPL, November 1967

night of the living dead movie premiered nov 1968

night of the living dead movie premiered nov 1968

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day!